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In principle, the technology really seems to work, in comparison with other headsets, but without much enthusiasm. The quality of the materials used is on top, everything is assembled soundly, but the lid has a slight backlash. Under the podium in a separate bag you can find quite a capacious instruction in many languages, including Russian. — Bluetooth 5.2 < br />— SBC\AAC\aptX codecs supported — operating range of at least 10m The assembly is good, glossy plastic of good quality is used again. — IPX4 moisture protection A single press decreases or increases the playback volume. /> On the front side, you can see what the headphones with the case look like, the names of the advanced technologies used in the headphones are full of names all over the box, and on the back side, you can find information about the packaging and specifications, namely: The case does not have any buttons, only a Type C charging connector on the bottom and a status LED on the front panel. The first pairing of the headphones is as simple as always: open the cover of the charging case and the headphones turn on and can be found in the list of bluetooth devices on your smartphone.
In general, the packaging was very confused. I think the scratches will appear pretty quickly. Seats for headphones are strictly divided into left and right, the headset is fixed in the case also with the help of magnets, everything is as it should be. When you close the cover of the case, the headphones are disconnected from the smartphone, with the next opening, pairing occurs automatically – a couple of seconds and the headphones are ready to go.
We connect – and you’re done. I You can also find 2 sets of additional ear pads of different sizes,
and a USB Type C charging cable about 20 cm long. This technology is called CVC 8.0, where 1 microphone is used for noise reduction, and the second for voice transmission. Inside, on the podium, there are headphones and a charging case. – frequency 20Hz-20 kHz On the one hand, there is an unusual design using transparent plastic, good packaging, support for the aptX codec and premium sound according to the manufacturer, and on the other hand … oddly enough, the sound itself. There is a touch area on each of the headphones. The product was provided for writing a review by the store. A triple tap on the left and right earbuds switches the previous or next track.

Acefast T3 Wireless Headphones – Premium at a glance

– sensitivity 93 dB On each headphone, you can find charging contacts, an LED displaying the operating mode (does not blink when used) and as many as 2 microphones on each headphone. Themselves in the ears sit comfortably, do not cause discomfort. A double tap on any earphone controls the playback or pause of a track, or the answer and rejection of a call in a telephone conversation. It’s a solid sized, heavy cardboard box with a cool graphic design. Review published in accordance with clause 18 of the Rules — headphone battery 40 mAh It is securely fixed with a magnet, which prevents accidental opening of the case. But first things first. The box opens like a book, the lid is fixed a magnet, and this is rarely seen even in fairly expensive brands.
Regarding the sound quality, the headphones show great promise: there is support for the aptX codec and the use of a Qualcomm 3040 chip, Bluetooth 5.2 and a 13 mm driver. Good afternoon everyone. The subject of this review is rather controversial. Unpacking such a box, looking at the quality of the case and headphones, and even not for the lowest price, I was really expecting Premium Sound, but… The technical innards are of course hidden from view, but this design is very fresh and stylish.
The headphone case immediately attracts attention with its unusualness, it is made of transparent glossy plastic. The shape, size and weight of the case are chosen very well, the case sits well in the hand and will not take up much space in your pocket or bag. – case battery 400 mAh When I opened the package, there was no limit to my surprise – how high-quality the packaging meets us here.
The headphones themselves are made in the form factor of in-ear, in a simple way, plugs and this is my favorite type of headphones. But still, after a short use, I would like to criticize the idea of ​​​​the widespread use of gloss: that the case, that the headphones are instantly covered with fingerprints and immediately lose their presentable appearance. But I was extremely disappointed… — operating time up to 5 hours \ 24 hours when recharging from the case A long press calls the voice assistant, or rejects an incoming call.

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