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There is a manufacturer’s designation and characteristics on the back of the box Here’s how it looks in the hand
The power bank has a good compact size. Now let’s check the conformity of fast charging protocols.
The power bank charges and does not cut off. The power bank itself is drawn on the box 128x70x13.5 And inside is white glossy and elegant. As a result, the power bank turns off at 2.5 A without a voltage drop. Hello everyone, today I’ll tell you about a worthy power bank model from ZMI. The model number is written on the side that is not occupied by interfaces.
Charges itself using QC2.0 Let’s check at the time of charging low-current devices Well, let’s check under the spoiler and it turned out to be the real dimensions
The dimensions from the product page are 106x40x24 mm
And the characteristics are painted on the second side Powerbank can charge devices using QC2.0 and QC3.0 I will show the disassembly using photos from the Internet

Decent 10000 mAh ZMI QB810 power bank

For those who are not in the know, this is one of the sub-brands of Xiaomi.
Comes with instructions and a MicroUSB cable The power bank is delivered in a regular cardboard box. When charging, the LED on the side lights up
The power bank can charge and charge using fast charging, can work with low-power devices (headsets, watches, bracelets), and also has an uninterruptible power supply.
On the side there is a button for checking the charge level, and there is also a charging LED For details under cat.
A here, not everything is perfect in terms of interfaces, there is only one USB output and a TypeC and microUSB input, there are also 4 LEDs for displaying the charge level The power bank is white, has a “pimpled” surface so that it does not roll on surfaces, but lies tenaciously in the hand.

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