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I set the settings everywhere to the maximum possible (only turned off motion blur if possible), with DLSS enabled, if available. AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX In games I set the limit to 90 degrees, in normal mode – 70. C MSAA x8:MSAA x2:without MSAA: We needed a powerful laptop, because I’m tired of carrying a stationary PC with me to different cities and rented apartments. It makes noise in games so that regular speakers are almost useless – it’s better to play with headphones. There is no Cyrillic alphabet, but a silicone overlay and stickers are included, it turns out like this: The package was delivered in 2 days by a Russian Post courier. BIOS, called by pressing F2, turned out to be very primitive, with the most basic settings. The choice fell on the second.
Gears 5: These two laptops are largely the same, based on a common basis, but Thunderobot is on an Intel processor, and Maibenben is on AMD. Windows 11 Home is preinstalled. garbage
there is no software, the Control Center utility is installed to switch operating modes – office, gaming, maximum, and backlight settings. Next, tests in 3DMark. So that it was possible to play, and at the same time it was not too big and heavy. Charging via USB Type-C is not supported. Prices for branded laptops against the backdrop of a shortage of semiconductors were not encouraging, although they were still cheaper plus or minus similar gaming PCs, so when I saw Chinese novelties on Ali – Thunderobot Zero and Maibenben X658, I immediately became interested in them, in terms of price-performance ratio before the price jump they looked very attractive. Red Dead Redemption 2: The video card, under load, keeps about 80, during normal use – 60. Nvidia RTX 3070 (claimed 140W TGP, actual consumption rarely exceeds 130W) Ray tracing test: Similarly, if you reduce MSAA, FPS increases dramatically. Bright, clear, fast. Time Spy: At the same time, this setting does not have a tangible effect on the picture, there are no noticeable “ladders” when it is turned off. HDR off: HDR on: Screenshot saved when HDR is on: There is a separate key to bring the fans to maximum speed. The keyboard is a regular membrane keyboard with customizable RGB backlighting. But as it turned out, pressing F3 activates an extended BIOS with many settings: The location of the ports on the sides is not very convenient – it would be better if two USB-A were on the left, and not on the right, where the inserted devices would interfere. Probably, something is wrong with the thermal paste on the processor – too little or, on the contrary, too thick a layer, but so far the hands do not reach to disassemble and check. Due to the declared brightness of 500 nits (Windows defines a little less), it supports HDR in games and video. when turned off, the saved screenshots and the screen have the same picture, and if HDR is turned on, the screenshots are saved very pale, and the picture on the screen is very bright and juicy. The case is plastic, there are no metal parts.

Maibenben X658 gaming laptop

Specs: It turned out that the whole point is MSAA anti-aliasing – an extremely voracious anti-aliasing method. Horizon Zero Dawn: Middle-Earth: Shadow of War: 1TB SSD (WD WDS100T2B0C-00PXH0) In Deus Ex: Mankind Divided at maximum settings, the FPS was surprisingly low. But the power input, LAN port and video outputs (HDMI and DisplayPort) on the back are a great solution. Cyberpunk 2077, first result without RTX, second with RTX: 16" screen, 2560×1600, 165Hz (BOE NE160QDM-NY1). DLSS test: At the same time, as can be seen from some tests, in games, performance rests on the video card, so you can limit the processor with the Ryzen Controller program without much impact on performance – it itself regulates the processor parameters so that it remains within the specified temperature limits. CPU was extremely hot. In games, the temperature goes beyond 100 degrees, and in normal mode it often rises above 70. The laptop screen is perhaps the best thing in it. Shadow of the Tomb Raider: CPU: Now on Ali, the price for it has flown into space, a more or less adequate price is on the official Russian website Maibenben (without links, otherwise they will consider it for
In general, the purchase justified itself, it’s a pity I didn’t buy it earlier – at the beginning of the year I would have kept within 110-120 thousand. Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition: Therefore, for comparison, instead of a screenshot with HDR enabled, I attached a photo of the screen. The design is not too pretentious for a gaming device, only the useless lighting around the ventilation grilles catches the eye. 32GB DDR4-3200 (2x Crucial CT16G4SFS832A.C8FB) SSD tested in AS SSD: For tests, I installed several games and a couple of benchmarks. Surprisingly comfortable, it seemed no worse than in old macbooks. The touchpad is solid, without dedicated buttons.

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