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Let’s examine the upper part, namely the bottom. On the side are two running blue tracks.
I put it at night right next to the bed. It turns off automatically when the water level reaches the minimum. The front part is decorated with a glued film with a print of pink flowers.
Let’s go straight to the dimensions and description of the appearance A is displayed on the display air temperature, humidity level (written with an error – the initial letter T is displayed instead of H from humidity), a timer, as well as the selected mode. There is something purple on the walls of the "glass", possibly the remains of oils after checking. To prevent excess water from pouring out (after all, the tank is opaque and you can’t see how much you need to fill), I remove the watering can and carefully add water without it. It soars intensely, a lot of steam stands out, in comparison with my other humidifiers most of all. The display will automatically turn off after 5 minutes of humidifier operation.

Powerful humidifier with display

And now about the purpose of the buttons.
To fill the reservoir, unscrew the cap. All this is displayed on the display, highlighting the desired number. Steam exits through a plastic tube located in the middle of the tank body.
The dimensions of the humidifier are slightly different from the description, it is 32 cm in height at the top edge and 14 cm in diameter I barely found a screwdriver that can unscrew the bottom bar, I had to take an old rusty one, but nevertheless, I coped with the task. I’m probably doing nonsense, but I’m a little calmer this way. There are also 2 pink buttons on the sides of the display. Here we see the water supply valve, which is also the lid of the container.
It works quietly, you can hear a pleasant gurgle. The base contains a piezoelectric element (in the center), a water presence sensor, a “piptic” valve opening and a “cup” for aroma oils. When the humidifier is turned off and when you try to turn it on without water, the crossed-out drop glows. The tank itself occupies 2/3 of the size of the humidifier body. Review published in accordance with clause 18 of the Rules
Weight empty humidifier 692 g
On mode 2 The humidifier is supplied in a regular box, it does not contain instructions (for the first time in my life I receive something without a piece of paper) The product was provided for writing a review by the store. Capacity: 2.5L I always use aromatic oils, out of habit I drip into the water itself, and not into a special “glass” designed for this. The right button turns the device on and off, a long press turns it off, and also sets the intensity of air humidification. On mode 3 You won’t immediately understand that these are buttons, and until you caress the entire humidifier (in fact, you immediately found it), where to press, the devil knows. It really made breathing easier. The left button starts the countdown timer – the time after which the device will turn off. It is recommended to use boiled water for the humidifier, and ideally distilled water, but I use water infused with flint and shungite. On the second one I worked all 12 hours After the operation of the humidifier, a puddle forms on the floor, and so much water remains inside – an unpleasant moment. You can try to pour water without a watering can (or from a mug with a spout), but with it the process will go much faster.
Structurally, the humidifier consists of 2 parts: the base, where the controls are located, and the upper part, which is a water reservoir. You can choose 1 / 2 / 4 / 8 hours. I put the upper part on the base, turn it on, press the button and … the display lights up and flashes blue. I checked the sound level meter on my smartphone using the program to check the noise level during the operation of the humidifier and this is what it showed me:

The disadvantages of the humidifier include a short cord (only 75 cm), an American-type plug (all came with other, but not European) and a puddle after work.
Since the instructions in the humidifier itself are not
contained, it had to be found out empirically. When you enter a room where a humidifier is running, it feels like it is covered in smoke or mist – an unusual feeling. This humidifier doesn’t have the fancy lighting that my others have, but it generates more steam than the others and has a larger reservoir, meaning you’ll need to change the water much less frequently. Cable length 75 cm, American type plug
The plastic of the humidifier is of normal quality. Without water, the humidifier refuses to turn on. The top has a lid with a hole. Here’s what’s inside:
On mode 1 It is clear that such a device with an essentially small volume of a water tank cannot be called a full-fledged humidifier, but it copes with its work as a flavoring agent with a bang, and it has become much easier to breathe with it. Let’s move on to the bottom of the humidifier – the base. In the third, most powerful mode, the humidifier worked for about 9 hours. It would be better if the print was applied with paint on the case itself, the film leaves a little at the edges, it does not look quite aesthetically pleasing.
I’ll tell you right away what is displayed on it. The hole has a silicone ring to prevent leakage. The cover is attached with three cross screws.

Vaporization: 280ml / h

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