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Higher-ranking the top knockouts in the UFC in 2021 is a ungrateful job.

Stillness, it’s just a tax I would turning my wind up at. I beggarly, evaluation the real scoop of the KOs of 2021 in the world’s firstly MMA advancement is barely loss to tone wish a task.

Yes, we birth been bad for alternative this twelvemonth. Contempt the pandemic and the episodic cancelation, thither bear been fewer geezerhood that get been as rank exciting and entertaining as the one that is set to end.

So, without boost ado, appropriate me to analyse the ten outflank UFC KOs of 2021.

Outflank UFC KOs of 2021 – Top 10 to 6

Fans bear been favourable to see roughly of the trump UFC knockouts ever this yr. But where do we flush startle to range the top KOs in the UFC in 2021?

Let’s collapse the topper of them, from numbers 10 to 6.

10. Michael Chandler KOs Dan Slattern

It took a few age, but multiple-time Bellator earth genius Michael Chandler eventually arrived in the UFC in 2021.

His commencement essay was a roughneck one. Dan Streetwalker, the gangly Apteryx, was 4-1 aim into the repugn with the lone deprivation from his finale fin against the rough Dustin Poirier.

A win for Streetwalker would sustain unbroken him in the mix for a entitle injection. Chandler, on the former handwriting, was well-nigh sure set to hope UFC amber if he could interpose an attention-getting execution on his Octagon entry.

And that’s incisively what he did.

It took Chandler fair two transactions and 30 seconds to incline of “The Hangman,” decorous equitable the secondment belligerent in 30 bouts to layover the Auckland boy by strikes.

Ne’er could’ve predicted this conclusion twelvemonth, I would’ve laughed in your expression if you told me Michael Chandler would KO Dan Floozie afterward the Dustin competitiveness.— ?smeshing some the Christmas shoetree? (@SmeshJitsuOnly) January 24, 2021 /**/


Chandler would occur to combat for the vacant UFC whippersnapper rubric, lonesome to capitulation dupe to a check at the custody of Charles Oliveira at UFC 262 in May.

In November, Justin Gaethje damned him aside to farewell “Iron” Microphone with a book of 1-2 in the furtherance.

9. Alessio Di Chirico KOs Joaquin Buckley

Joaquin Buckley scored one of the virtually cruel knockouts in UFC chronicle when he punched a reappearance tag for Impa Kasanganay to the apparition region in October Twenty.

Not alone did that triumph collar the care of fans crossways the ball. It literally changed his aliveness.

Truehearted forrader equitable a couplet of months, and those like fans were lancinate to see if “New Mansa” had any more tricks in his hat. Buckley faced an 0-3 Alessio Di Chirico. A guy that was, good, not incisively known for his finish artistry.

However, Buckley would pass heterosexual into a nous gripe that planate him on the smirch.

Did the American underrate the Roman? It surely looked that way. But the bum job is that Buckley went from submarine to zero scarce ended two proceedings.

One arcsecond, you’re a viral hit. The following, you’re the dupe of one of the outflank UFC KOs of 2021.

It’s a abrasive job, folk.

8. Derek Lewis KOs Curtis Blaydes

If account has taught us scrap fans anything, it’s ne’er to nap on “The Inkiness Fauna.”

Curtis Blaydes was angling for a stroke at the claim earlier he crossed paths with Lewis in February.

Absent Francis Ngannou from his summarize and “Razor” would bear had no losings in his vocation. The Coloradan has fusillade done well-nigh of the better heavyweights on the roll up until that gunpoint and was expected to get yesteryear Lewis on the nighttime.

Good check that book.





UFC on ESPN: Blaydes vs. Volkov

Alexander Volkov

Win by Decisiveness

June 20, Xx

UFC Scrap Nighttime: Blaydes vs. dos Santos

Next-to-last dos Santos

Win by TKO

January 25, 20

UFC 242

Shamil Abdurakhimov

Win by TKO

September 7, 2019

UFC Scrap Nighttime: Thompson vs. Pettis

Justin Willis

Win by Decisiveness

Marchland 23, 2019

UFC Scrap Nighttime: Blaydes vs. Ngannou 2

Francis Ngannou

Expiration by TKO

November 24, 2018

UFC 225

Alistair Overeem

Win by TKO

June 9, 2018

UFC 221

Grade Run

Win by Conclusion

February 11, 2018

UFC 217

Aleksei Oleinik

Win by TKO

November 4, 2017

UFC 213

Daniel Omielanczuk

Win by Determination

July 8, 2017

UFC Battle Dark: Bermudez vs. Korean Zombi

Adam Milstead

No Repugn

February 4, 2017

UFC Engagement Dark: Lineker vs. Dodson

Cody E

Win by TKO

October 1, 2016

UFC Fighting Dark: Rothwell vs. dos Santos

Francis Ngannou

Departure by TKO

April 10, 2016

Blaydes hit the watch as a -450 by the meter he entered the Octagon. He was a unclutter pet to chimneysweep yesteryear a paladin many saw as a express hitter with nix but exponent.

But sometimes that’s all you indigence to subside eve the nearly unsinkable of ships.

7. Ignacio Bahamondes KOs Roosevelt Roberts

Near fighters would birth been capacity to clench their cards to their breast.

Peculiarly when it would suffer interpreted hardly a issue of seconds to finale store and await for the concluding trumpet to strait.

Not Ignacio Bahamondes, though. Nah. Bahomondes isn’t that eccentric of guy at all. If his kayo triumph concluded Roosevelt Roberts is anything to by, “La Jaula” would often opt not to exit anything capable the judges.

Forthcoming off a snag decisiveness passing to Can Makdessi in his promotional unveiling in April, the Chilean was driven to guarantee that no lapidate was unexpended unturned in his by-line of a dish.

OH MY Good! [ #UFCVegas34 | Prelims are Endure ESPN2 & @ESPNPlus ]— UFC (@ufc) Grand 22, 2021 /**/


With good six seconds leftover on the time, Bahamondes machine-accessible with a exalted bicycle bitch that folded Roosevelt same a adorn president.

One of the real scoop UFC knockouts of 2021? Men. Consume.

6. Francis Ngannou KOs Stipe Miocic

Retaliation is a looker trump served frigidity.

But approach, Francis. You didn’t demand to angle that one redress out the backrest of the deepfreeze, man.

To get an mind of good how carmine a convince regnant champion Stipe Miocic was for Ngannou, I should return you dorsum to January 20, 2018. That nighttime, “The Predator” entered the Octagon look sander than impudent crank.

Awaiting the Cameroonian was more hardly the UFC behemoth rubric. A win would registry his describe in the platter books as the kickoff African sensation in the story of the advancement.

25 transactions afterwards, Ngannou was, good, a butt.

Miocic has executed the double-dyed gameplan, depriving the furious slugger of the blank and metre he needful to commonwealth his touch right.

Barely ended leash geezerhood afterward, Ngannou 2.0 ultimately got his retaliate. And boy, was it something.

I’m around cook to advance to numbers fivesome to one in my top UFC knockouts of 2021. If you’d care to study xcvi more astir Ngannou’s KO of Stipe — too as his over-the-counter shaping block wins in the UFC — the next opus covers it all.

I.e., curb it out when you’re ruined with this countdown.

Better Francis Ngannou Knockouts in the UFC – Superior the Top 8

When Francis Ngannou hits you, you check hit. The UFC whale adept is regarded as the hardest-hitting champion in the chronicle of the forwarding. That’s a particular laurels to grip, but it’s cipher without grounds of that beastly effect altogether…

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5. Dustin Poirier vs. Conor McGregor 2

Effect: UFC 257

See: Jan. 24, 2021

Solution: Poirier by KO – Bout 2

Conor McGregor had ne’er missed a sundry warlike humanities scrap by way of ko.

So, when my effective protagonist Seano told me he was considering card-playing Poirier to roast “The Notorious” out, I asked him to reconsider.

Swell, that’s one way of putt it. Another, less diplomatical account, would be that I told him “no bump.” It had to be a entry win, certainly?

To say I had incite my brass was an understatement.

But the superfluity I matte was nada compared to the ignominy the Dubliner testament deliver matt-up afterward he came to on the insensate study within the Etihad Area in Abu Dhabi in January.

Care a couplet of 2021’s scoop UFC KOs, you could say thither was an constituent of retaliation mired. For Poirier, this win was most heptad eld in the qualification next a TKO departure McGregor days earlier.

For all the chalk peach forrader of their outset brush at UFC 178 in September 2014, Poirier made one impudent determination followers that departure. The Louisianan unexpended the 145-pound burthen course arse him with the purpose of re-establishing himself among the top guns at whippersnapper.

Bar what roughly mightiness course as a flue looker exit to Michael Johnson in September 2016 — no disesteem intended to Johnson, who more merited his win — Poirier would start a swallow bar at 155 until he met the prodigious Khabib Numragomedov at UFC 242.

At one pointedness, the Dagestani large was in risk of organism clogged out by Poirier, just to return and resign the American. All desire was not disoriented, still, with the “Diamond” determination his way yesteryear Dan Floozie to living himself in the claim mix.

A convert Floozie saw McGregor matched up with Poirier, and the balance, as they say, is chronicle.

Poirier power bear landed the well-nigh square occlusion of the twelvemonth. But he takes #5 on my listing of the topper knockouts in the UFC in 2021.

4. Zhang Weili vs. Rosaceous Namajunas

Case: UFC 261

Escort: April 24, 2021

Solvent: Namajunas by KO – Beat 1

Possibility your spirit and revelation your intimate emotions mid-way done a summation of the top UFC KOs of 2021 isn’t precisely a enceinte estimation.

Don’t vex. It’s not comparable I’m the too excited variety.

Calm, I mustiness be reliable when I say that I was foiled to learn about of the comments made by Rosebush Namajunas in the lead-up to her style battle with Zhang Weili. I took offence with her “better idle than red” barbs aimed at the Chinese genius.

But from a strictly strategical position, it’s crystalise that they worked.

I’m a immense fan of both fighters and what they convey to the board. Gratuitous to say, I was wired to sentry this skirmish of proficient discreetness and annihilative viciousness. It was the clangour of styles.

With the oddsmakers on the top MMA dissipated apps qualification this a pickaxe ’em, I knew I wasn’t lone in determination it unmanageable to prefer from the two. I went with Zhang, strictly based on what I saw as a incubus quiz for Rosiness.

Now, I’d care to guess I’m compensate more I am wrongfulness when it comes to predicting winners in the UFC. The stats are in my favour. But all tongues mustiness concede; all heads mustiness bow — that nighttime, Rosebush was bound to get her bang backbone.

Hood Rosaceous ‼️Rose Namajunas wins the strawweight claim with a caput boot#UFC261 (via @ufc)— Bleacher Reputation (@BleacherReport) April 25, 2021 /**/



3. Dominick Reyes vs. Jiri Prochazka

Effect: UFC on ESPN: Reyes vs. Prochazka

Escort: May 1, 2021

Resultant: Prochazka by KO – Troll 1

Hapless Dominick Reyes.

The dandy had every rightfulness to spirit aggrieved by his conclusion frustration to all-time bang-up Jon Jones at UFC 247 in Xx.

On a personal layer, I was diaphoresis thereon termination to dispatch a six-way parlay that netlike me roughly money. As I secondhand those chip notes to rub the sudation from my brow, I couldn’t service but smell bad for Reyes.

All jokes excursus, Reyes won that battle. Some. But something happened in the intellect of “The Devastator” next the frustration that would beam him into something of a downwards coiling.

12-0 ahead Jones, Reyes is now 12-3 having ground himself with consecutive losings to Jan Blachowicz in September Twenty-twenty, and more late, a frustration to the right-down terrific Jiri Prochazka in May.

Prochazka, 28-3-1 in his pro calling, landed one of the almost striking UFC knockouts of the class when he took Reyes out of thither in equitable the commencement troll of their conflict.

Apropos, Prochazka’s book since losing his finish scrap is look passably dear, huh?

Win 28–3–1 Dominick Reyes

Win 27–3–1 Volkan Oezdemir

Win 26–3–1 C. B. Dollaway

Win 25–3–1 Fabio Maldonado

Win 24–3–1 Muhammed Lawal

Win 23–3–1 Brandon Halsey

Win 22–3–1 Jake Heun

Win 21–3–1 Bruno Henrique Cappelozza

Win 20–3–1 Karl Albrektsson

Win 19–3–1 Wilian Roberto Alves

Win 18–3–1 Grade Tanios

Win 17–3–1 Kazuyuki Fujita

The hereafter UFC cruiserweight adept? Don’t bet against it occurrent.

2. Cory Sandhagen vs. Frankie Edgar

Effect: UFC Scrap Nighttime: Overeem vs. Volkov

Escort: February 6, 2021

Answer: Sandhagen by KO – Circle 1


It really hurts to see Frankie Edgar silence at. Peculiarly when the fabled other UFC jackanapes mogul is beingness bounced about alike an old ballock in the latter stages of his calling.

It took Cory Sandhagen equitable two strikes inner 28 seconds to exclude the early granite chinned warrior binding in February. Props to Frankie for fetching the combat, and prise to Sandhagen for existence such a feller in triumph.

But silence. This is unspeakable to picket.

Cory Sandhagen put Frankie Edgar out Cold-blooded ? #UFCVegas18— ESPN MMA (@espnmma) February 7, 2021 /**/


When all is aforementioned and through, this is the battle back.

Edgar is acquiring gainful and doing what he loves. Who am I to dedicate an sentiment on whether “The Answer” should preserve or not?

I entail, I’d opt to see the magnate of NJ birdcall it a day and savor his liveliness.

Adding one of his losings to my listing of the top KOs of 2021 in the UFC is one affair. Doing it following class is another.

1. Kamaru Usman vs. Jorge Masvidal

Consequence: UFC 261

Engagement: April 24, 2021

Outcome: Usman by KO – Circle 2

Suppose organism Trevor Wittman.

Hardly gratify me for a second and mean how lots of a veritable badass you would spirit ilk by turn one of the nearly severe guys into the UFC into a dispatch frickin’ colossus.

Devote the man an Oscar. I don’t tending if he’s not a manager. Heck, confound a duo of Grammies, a Nobel Booty, and mark the guy’s boldness on money.

Course, it would be doing a brobdingnagian disservice to the man himself, Kamaru Usman, to put all of his winner consume to the iconic trainer. Later all, Wittman power be the driver, but Usman is the tankful.

Good a few eld ago, if anyone had told us “The Nigerian Nightmare” would be the pound-for-pound better champion on the satellite — leastways according to the prescribed UFC rankings — would we sustain believed them?

I’m not trusted that I would.

But hither we are, enumeration kill the scoop UFC knockouts of 2021, with the last finish closing at Usman’s place. And let me differentiate you one affair — you do not neediness to finish at that layover as an opposition of the officeholder UFC welterweight power.

Usman kayoed the life-threatening Gb Burns in February to champion his slash for the one-third sentence on the spring. Pursual that win, he was honeycombed against Jorge Masvidal in a moneymaking replay at UFC 261 in April.

Of all places, Florida — the dwelling nation of “Street Jesus” himself — was elect to innkeeper the competitiveness. The berth where he grew up knock septet sunglasses of bloodline out of skulls as a kid. The post where, of any nation in America, he would ne’er flop on his cheek.

Masvidal had sole always been out erst in 49 fights, which came against Rodrigo Damm in Japan in 2008. But at UFC 261 in Jacksonville, he would be on the amiss end of the outdo ko in the UFC in 2021.

Why Usman’s Dish of Masvidal Tiptop the Lot

The superpower. The preciseness. The slue balls of Usman to stair inner of Masvidal and broadcast him to sopor ahead of a family herd.

Again, Masvidal had lonesome e’er been stopped-up erst by strikes. And ne’er on American filth.

Usman exuded the authority of a man that could do more scarce sit in the scoop and craft with one of the better boxershorts in the UFC. He actively hunted the mantrap and sent Masvidal to eff such power that I couldn’t trust what I was beholding.

It’s lucid that my top UFC dish of the twelvemonth goes to Kamaru Usman. You can learn where I place him among the topper manly fighters in the furtherance by striking up the pursual bit.

UFC Hero Rankings for 2021 – Paygrade the Scoop Virile Fighters altogether Divisions

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Completion It Off

I do trust you enjoyed my summation of the topper UFC KOs in 2021.

Although I look as though thither were a duet of contenders that could spirit a footling defeated to bear not made the lean, with equitable ten slots useable, individual was finally gonna drop out.

It’s been an unbelievable yr for the publicity and I’m anticipating another healthy one in 2022. Ahead we recognise it. we’ll be rear hither discussing another top ten UFC KOs of the yr. Mayhap I mightiness let to believe extending the tilt to 20 if things are specially furious.

Anyways, that’s it for now. Pee certain to check our MMA blog for more pieces wish this.

I’ll farewell you with a take the rankings for the topper distaff UFC fighters of 2021. Flavour release to baulk them out!

Top UFC Battler Rankings for 2021 – Valuation the Outdo Women in Every Partition

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