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Communication with the mechanic will continue. Naturally, in the process of "having" such adventures for zero MOT (not necessary, but I decided to do it), I no longer went to Frunze. Metal would like to be thicker (the story with chestnuts is already known to everyone) And they wrote that they did everything that happens with the car, including wheel alignment, which they definitely didn’t do – they don’t even have a post for this at the service station, where they do a pre-sale. Of the problems – an innately burning airbag warning light. 31.07.2008 The car was bought in America brand new! The body is one to one (laccheti), the parts all fit! A powerful engine (such as in Omega) on the road, it especially feels. more In general, a great car for your money. Found that it is on fire (and that it should not) on the evening of the day of purchase and, accordingly, went to the warranty service for a check. The collapse was pretty lousy, convergence is nothing, but also not so hot, but I don’t remember the numbers. Although I do not really trust China, but for this money there is not a bad option with CHERY EASTAR. Sovdep. When buying, I put engine protection (500 UAH. 50 UAH. work). 20.08.2007 Bought 1.5 months ago (Kharkiv, Frunze-Auto) for 83200 UAH. When passing zero, all maintenance was done according to the receipt (he did it not at Frunze, but at Shevchenko). At the moment it has covered 3000 km. I was given a tape recorder (Pioneer Bluetooth, I didn’t buy it from them, but I brought a certificate of conformity with me – the issue price is 100 UAH), but the pillow was not repaired. At the same time, they took 50 UAH from me, during the discussion they admitted that in general, diagnostics are paid for by a guarantee, but they asked me to pay anyway. The equipment is much brighter than in CHEVROLET (they didn’t even install foglights, there is no radio), the interior of the cabin is like in business class and on the forums so far they don’t complain about it. In addition to the standard oil change, filters and pads, I changed the timing belt at 60,000. more I’ll wait for my wires, I’ll achieve (I’ll try) to eliminate the knock in the torpedo and never go there again. Basically, I’m happy. On our roads, they began to tap. It can be seen that he was still lucky with the master – Artem: a pleasant and apparently intelligent mechanic, because his colleagues consulted with him. Hello everyone! I also had a good impression about this car. In addition to the standard oil change, filters and pads, I changed the timing belt and front stabilizer struts at 60,000. A bunch of pleasant little things. On the track, I accelerated it to 180 – there were 4 people in the car, a full trunk and the air conditioner turned on. After talking with the master, and then with the mechanic himself, the air ducts were repaired, but there is still a slight tapping in the dashboard. In general, I went to my friends, for 60 UAH. exposed. By the way, during the pre-sale preparation, they checked the light bulbs and other nonsense – for some reason they did not pay attention to the pillows. Of the problems – a congenitally burning airbag warning light. Dimensions feel unimportant – neither front nor rear, but this is a matter of habit. Moreover, the leather upholstery of the steering wheel and gearshift lever is worn out and does not have a very aesthetic appearance. I’ll put covers on the seats. Decided because of 50 UAH. not make a scandal while waiting for your warranty wiring harness. If you drive more calmly in 9.5 liters, you can meet it without any problems. I did an engine flush, changed the oil (filled with GM), filters, extended the suspension (a couple of bolts even turned – I was surprised, but not much – a maximum of half a turn). Bought 1, 5 months ago (Kharkiv, Frunze-Auto) for 83200 UAH. At the moment it has covered 3000 km. But more than 180 were terribly accelerated – you can fly off the road. As for the car itself, everything is not bad: the interior is spacious, in
In my car, the upholstery is pleasant, but impractical – the armrest on the driver’s door has already wiped off. 26.08.2008 Hello everyone! I also had a good impression about this car. Oil / filters changed to Shevchenko. As a result, they said that the factory installed a wiring harness in the passenger cushion with reduced resistance and ordered a new one under warranty (factory cost UAH 380). So, according to the receipt, the dismantling and installation cost 27 UAH, but only 50 for the installation. Then he came again (3.5 hours) and again (left the car and did not wait – they did 8 hours). I like the suspension – it’s noisy, but it dampens bumps well, it doesn’t fall in corners. If I were that smart
like my wife later – I’m sure that you can buy it at the market much cheaper, and screw it on either cheaper, or just on the flyover yourself. In terms of consumption, I get about 8 liters on the highway and 10.5-11 in the city, but I like to light it up sometimes.

Chevrolet Lacetti reviews

The car was bought in America brand new! The body is one to one (laccheti), the parts all fit! A powerful engine (such as in Omega) on the road, it is especially felt. What is the most unpleasant thing – during the second visit they broke the air duct switch for me (it began to blow from all holes) and something rattled in the torpedo. Comfortable speed for this car on our (!) roads is 120-130 km/h. They promised to replace in 3 weeks – I’m waiting. On CDX it is more practical, of course. The trunk is OK, comfortable – the backs fold down. The review is not very good – the front pillar, rear headrests and an additional stop interfere, but the lights are not bad. By the way, they didn’t give any receipts and, as I said, they charged 50 UAH for installation. And there are no more complaints so far. I waited 4.5 hours, heard that the problem could not be diagnosed as quickly as expected and left the service. For all the pleasure, it seems, 319 UAH.

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